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21st-Dec-2012 11:37 pm - Legend
So, I tend to just start babbling about things, so let me clarify some shit for you.

for those of you who are lost...Collapse )
Enjoy reading my life :D
18th-Apr-2011 10:05 pm - Muinín (Faith) Pt 6/7
Title: Muinín (Faith)
Status: Pt 6/7
Rating: R. Just because there is mentions of genitalia and such.
Author's Notes: Short chapter before the end! Sorry this is so late, life got in the way.

Tra la la, I procrastinate too much!Collapse )
23rd-Feb-2011 04:22 am - Muinín (Faith) Pt 5/7
Title: Muinín (Faith)
Status: Pt 5/7
Rating: NC-17. OH GOD IT'S SO NC-17
Author's Notes: It starts off fluffy but turns into low-down sexxin by the end of the chapter. You've been warned.

No more witty songs about Boston. The author can"t stand it anymore...Collapse )
22nd-Feb-2011 01:52 pm - Request for fanart!
I know, I know, I shouldn't have to request.

But I think it would be interesting to see what you people imagine Mika, or Kieran, or Brienne (and soon to be Olivia...) to look like, plus I know there are some scenes that just beg for illustration.

So here's the deal. If you draw fanart for either Khrabrost' or Muinin, you get to name an original character in the next story. It will be fluff, it will be a key turning point in the Klaine relationship, and your character(s) may steer the direction of the story.

It's like a write your own novel, only with art! Isn't that fun?

I'd draw pictures of what they look like, but I never went to art school for a reason.

Have fun, and if you want to do this, that's great. Submit the artwork to me via my tumblr:

3rd-Feb-2011 01:43 am - Muinín (Faith) Pt 4/whatever
Title: Muinín (Faith)
Status: Pt 4/whatever
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Some slight angst. SLIGHT. Just for character development, kids...

I think I"ll go to Boston, I think I"ll start a new life...Collapse )
20th-Jan-2011 10:05 pm - Muinín (Faith) Pt 3/whatever
Title: Muinín (Faith)
Status: Pt 3/whatever
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Oh god, I mention so much Salem and Witchcraft in this, I'm sorry you guys, but I go to school in Salem, and it seemed way too perfect to have Kurt be bombarded with Paganism.

Oh I love that dirty water...Collapse )
12th-Jan-2011 05:22 pm - Muinín (Faith) Pt 2/whatever
Title: Muinín (Faith)
Rating: NC-17 (hey-o!)
Status: Pt 2 / whenever my brain lets this thing rest.
Author Notes: A follow up to Xра́брость :] This is total crack!fic now. PREPARE FOR THE INSANITY. Coming from a family of Jews on my mother's side, Jehovah's Witnesses on my father's side, Irish Catholic on my stepdad's side, and me being Pagan, you can bet your ass that plenty of religion jokes will fall in.

The saints are coming...Collapse )
10th-Jan-2011 05:51 pm - Muinín (Faith)
Title: Muinín (Faith)
Rating: PG-13
Status: Pt 1/5(ish)
Author Notes: A follow up to Xра́брость :] This story will have minimal to no angst, and is going to be slightly cracky, since well, that's just how Boston is :] As a Massachusetts native, I can assure you that anything Boston related, MA related, or even faith related is as truthful as I can get it to be. :]

I"m shipping up to Boston.Collapse )
Title: Xра́брость (Courage)
Rating: Heavy R.
Status: Pt 8/8 (I'm kinda sad...)
Author Notes: I'm so depressed that this is ending, but, I have some other stories that are in the works that may continue off of this. Happy stories!

So this was completion. So this was unity. So this…was happiness.Collapse )

For those of you who have been reading , your present is below :]

clicky clicky
2nd-Jan-2011 09:33 pm - Xра́брость (Courage) Pt 7/8
Title: Xра́брость (Courage)
Rating: PG-13
Status: Pt 7/8
Author Notes: Yeaaah guys, I have none more chapter, and then it's kaput on the story. I feel I've brought Blaine to a good place where I can finish things up nicely in the epilogue. You'll guys have a nice present though with the epilogue :3

Taking things slow, even if it"s retroactive, was working very well for him and Kurt, and finally, things were starting to feel normal again. It was a sensation that Blaine hadn"t felt in years.Collapse )
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